Best Welding Helmet in 2019 – Our Favourite Auto Darkening Models

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Best Welding Helmet - Comparisons

|Image|Name|Weight|Area|Price| |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- | |![minipic](1.jpg)|Lincoln Electric Viking|1.25 pounds|3.74 "x3.34"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](2.jpg)|Jackson Safety 46131 Insight|2 pounds|3.93”x2.36”|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](3.jpg)|Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto|4.25 pounds|3.93"x2.36"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](4.jpg)|Antra AH6-660-001X|1.05 pounds|3.78"X2.50"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](5.jpg)|Deep Sea Solar Powered|2.1 pounds|3.2" x 3.9"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](6.jpg)|Rhino Welding Helmets RHINO|0.16 ounces|4 x 2.6"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](7.jpg)|ArcPro 20704 Auto-Darkening|1.15 pounds|3.78"x 2.07"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](8.jpg)|Instapark ADF Series GX990T|1.3 pounds|3.94"X3.86"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](9.jpg)|Metal Man ATEC8735SGC 9-13|1.8 pounds|3.78"x2.05"|Check Latest Price| |![minipic](10.jpg)|Hobart 770756 Impact Variable|2.16 pounds|3.81"x 1.85"|Check Latest Price|

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